DESTINO Dance Company

Photography: Israel Seoane & Borja Santos
DESTINO Dance Company is based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  It is run by two founding members of the Adugna Community Dance and Theatre Company, Addisu Demissie and Junaid Jemal Sendi. Building on Adugna’s reputation for high quality work that uses dance to help people improve their chances in society and that encourages young people to use their energy and time in constructive and positive ways, DESTINO Dance is developing an extensive programme of community outreach.
DESTINO Dance is:
  • establishing a three-year training programme in dance, drama, music and choreography for street children, orphans and young offenders
  • continuing to develop contemporary dance practise in Ethiopia, focusing on the creation of choreographic works that fuse contemporary dance with elements of traditional Ethiopian dance
  • running open-access classes to encourage a wide range of people to learn dance, as well as a programme of workshops led by guest teachers.
If you would like to know more about DESTINO Dance or find out how to support the activities of the company, contact DESTINO Dance.
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