Adugna Community Dance and Theatre Company

Photography: Adugna Community Dance Company
The Adugna Community Dance and Theatre Company was established by the eighteen graduates of the five-year dance-training and performance programme for young people from the streets of Addis Ababa that ran from 1996 to 2002 and was accredited by Middlesex University.  The company has been supported by the Ethiopian Gemini Trust and Dance United since its foundation.
The Adugna Community Dance and Theatre Company has advocated and developed contemporary dance within Ethiopia and is particularly known for the work it has done using dance to create awareness of social issues within communities.
Adugna Community Dance and Theatre Company has developed projects and choreographies in both Addis Ababa and rural areas around a range of issues including HIV, disability and early marriage.  The company has focused on sharing their skills within the community, training people, teaching dance and organising performances.
Adugna has collaborated with a range of companies in Ethiopia and internationally.  This includes:
  • BalletBoyz® (UK)
  • Chickenshed (UK)
  • Lelabo (France)
  • Company Gara (Kenya)
  • Germen Acconnie (Sengal).
Building on the success of Adugna, two of the company's founding members Addisu Demissie and Junaid Jemal Sendi have launched the DESTINO Dance Company.
Past Adugna Performances:
Carmina Burana, choreography: Royston Maldoom, Addis Bababa City Hall with more than 100 participants (1996)
The System, choreography: Tamar Maclorg, presented in different venues in Ethiopia and the UK since 1999
Holding Hands, choreography: Royston Maldoom and Negash Abdu, Hager Fiker (Addis Ababa) and different venues
Yene Hager, choreography: Royston Maldoom, presented in many events and venues including Royal Albert Hall
Being Beauteous, choreography: Sylvan Prunninc (2002)
Fragments of Life, choreography: Adam Benjamin, the piece was the first contemporary dance work created with disabled people in Ethiopia, presented in many venues such as the National theatre, Sanford Community School and stages around the country side of Ethiopia
Renaissance, Event organised by Addisu Demissie and Junaid Jemal Sendi in which the company presented various pieces including Rizrajze (choreography: Addisu Demissie and Junaid Jemal Sendi), Suri Banget (integrated works with Adugna Potentials, choreography:  Addisu Demissie) and Adwa (choreography: Junaid Jemal Sendi).
Tilla, choreography:  Addisu Demissie, created for three disabled dancers and three non-disabled dancers, presented at the National Theatre, Addis Ababa City Hall and various performances around Ethiopia
Yemot Guzo, choreography: Junaid Jemal Sendi, created for a dance choreography competition in Madagascar, performed in France and Tunisia (2002)
Two Head, choreography: Addisu Demissie, a duet for Addisu Demissie and Meseret Yirga, performed at Alliance Ethio Fransice Addis Ababa and Diredawa
Street Dream, choreography: Royston Maldoom, created for more than 40 participants, presented in Addis Ababa City Hall 
Birhan Yehun, choreography: Addisu Demissie, text: Getnet Eneyew, music: Abegaze Shiwato, collaboration between Adugna Dance Company and The Ethiopian National Theatre, presented in Senegal for Black Art Festival, sent by the Ministry of Culture of Ethiopian to represent Ethiopia
Lost in Perfection, choreography: Addisu Demissie, integrated work for Adugna Potentials and Adugna Company, presented in Mega and City hall theatres
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